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Students are expected to bring all items they have checked out to every scheduled library class. If they need more time to finish, then we will renew the loan. As long as a student is actively reading the book there is no limit on the number of renewals that are allowed.

The only exception to this would be for items that are in demand. If there is a waiting list for an item, then students will be asked to finish up and let the next person have a turn. Students at South Seneca are Kind and Responsible, so this has never been a problem.

Book Returns

Why does it matter when library books are returned?

     One of the goals of the library program is to encourage students to develop the habit of regular library use. All libraries give due dates for books, and many charge fines when books are returned later than the due date. Developing a regular habit of returning books on time can save students from paying overdue fines to other libraries in the future.

     There are more immediate concerns, however. Students have a weekly library class, and students who forget to return their books on their library day are not able to participate as fully during the book selection part of class because they aren't allowed to take out more books until they return the ones they already have. This time can also be used to continue reading a book that the student needs more time to finish.

     Another goal of the library program is to help students develop responsibility, including good organizational and study skills. Students who develop the habit of checking each morning (or the night before) to be sure they have everything they need for school will do better when in comes to having homework done on time, studying for tests when needed, and generally being prepared for whatever they need to do. Early practice with remembering sneakers for gym and library books on library day will help to develop this habit. Younger children may need parental help, but soon the students will develop independence and gain self-confidence and pride in the fact that they can prepare themselves in this way.

     So, for all of these reasons, please encourage your children to work at remembering their schedules and bringing whatever they need each day. As these responsible habits grow, they will be building self-esteem, and you will avoid searching for and having to replace lost items throughout the years.