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Fundraiser Facts

Holiday shopping?  Don't forget that anything you purchase by connecting to your favorite stores through the SchoolStore portal will give us a bit of money toward our Reading Celebration program goals. No extra cost to you!


Points to consider:

  • This fundraiser is in effect through June.
  • We get a percentage of the purchases that are made through the SchoolStore portal.
  • Online shopping through this portal can benefit our Reading Celebration program at no extra cost to the consumer.
  • Anyone who wants to support the program can do this (not just parents or those who've been invited by a student)
  • To shop through the portal:
    • go to
    • enter school name: South Seneca Elementary
    • shop from the family book store, or use the merchant button at the top of the screen
  • Students can still enter and return their envelopes if they still have them.
  • The golden ticket worth $100 has not yet been claimed.

SchoolStore Pk - 3

Grades PK - 3: If you still have this envelope it's not too late!! Sign up to see if you have the ticket worth $100!




SchoolStore 4-5

Grades 4-5: If you still have this envelope, it's not too late!! Sign up to see if you have the ticket worth $100!