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Read to Build a Better World!


Outline for 2017-18

Reading Celebration Outline 2017-18        Updated 8/29/17


Theme: Read to Build a Better World


What’s Happening:


Reading Goals: The goal of the reading celebration committee is to encourage students to read.  The committee does not set the goals for you because one size does not fit all.  Some students respond to “points”, AR, or other rewards.  Some students are turned off by point systems.  Please customize your reading goals appropriately for your students.  Students will receive a certificate for their reading efforts and a chance to win a gift.

Certificates will be distributed every marking period to students who meet their reading goals.                                                                                                                

  • Names will be drawn every marking period for prizes: 1st: string bags; 2nd: extra RIF book; 3rd: book fair gift certificates; 4th: Barnes and Nobles gift card

  • End of year prizes: Bikes (June drawing)

Reading Celebration Day each month (second Thursday)

  • Reading t-shirts

  • Drop Everything And Read - Time will be announced on Reading Celebration Days.  We also want you to know that many students requested more D.E.A.R. time.  We would appreciate it if you could help us to make this happen.  


RIF … Book Distributions

Special Events / Activities (see dates below)

Black and Gold Bookshelves (near recycling bins across from cafe, and upstairs outside 4th grade rooms)

Book It (Oct. – March)


Reading Celebration Activities: Participation is expected, however flexibility among grade levels is encouraged.


Sept. 22 – Party for Summer Reading Challenge

TBD - Assembly to introduce Reading Celebration Program to all students

October 5 - Assembly with Beverly Animal Shelter 9:30-10:00, 10:00 -10:30 (sign-ups in office) stickers for all

Oct. 12 – Reading Celebration Day: DEAR time; Read your friends’ shirt ; Write a reading message on a sticker

           day (variety of stickers will be provided)

Nov. 9 – Reading Celebration Day: DEAR time; Wear new reading t-shirts, read a bookmark

Nov. 9 – Reading Goals due

November __TBD___ Endangered Animals presentation (sign-up for time)

November 13 – South Seneca BookFest

Dec. 7– Reading Celebration Day: DEAR time; wear reading t-shirts; create a poster or send an ecard (

Jan. 11 – Reading Celebration Day: DEAR time; wear reading t-shirts; read a bookmark

Jan. 26 – Reading Goals due

February _TBD___ - Animal Hospital presentation (sign-up for time)

Feb. 8 – Reading Celebration Day: DEAR time; wear reading t-shirts, pencils and grippers, write a thank you note to Cornell Vet School

Feb. 8 - World Read Aloud Day,

Mar. 2 – Read Across America / Dr. Seuss’s Birthday;

Mar. 8 – Reading Celebration Day;DEAR time; wear reading t-shirts; write a note or draw a picture about your favorite pet using your new animal notebook (variety will be provided)

Apr. 13 – Reading Goals due

April __TBD__ - Read to Feed presentation

April 19 - Reading Celebration Day: DEAR time; wear reading t-shirts, 6 minute video for classroom viewing ( and sticker

May 17 – Reading Celebration Day: DEAR time; wear reading t-shirts; write a message to the reading

         committee (survey), pencil and bookmark, read a brochure

May 29 - June 4 – Book Fair

June 8 – Reading Goals due

June TBA-- Dance Parties

June 20 – Summer Reading Kick Off; wear reading t-shirts

T-shirt letter

September 2017

Dear Parents and Families,

This year our reading theme is “Read to Build a Better World”  We will have many activities spread out over the course of the school year.  We also plan to raffle off several prizes during the course of the year to students who consistently meet the reading goals set by their teachers.


Details of this program will be posted on the Elementary Library webpage and will be updated as the year progresses.

Once again, we want all students to have a t-shirt to celebrate this theme.  We will have designated days when everyone will wear their reading shirt and we will have special reading activities on those days.  Your child’s teacher may also ask the students to wear this shirt on field trip days to make it easier to see everyone that belongs together.

We are ordering the t-shirts for everyone, and we are asking parents to contribute $5.00 towards the cost of the shirt.  

Please return the slip below with your $5 by Oct. 13th.

    (If you need more time then we will still accept money for shirts after this date.)

Thank you very much for your support of your child’s independent reading!



                                   Mr. Rundell and The Reading Celebration Committee


Student Name: ____________________________________

We have determined sizes by holding up examples to the students during library class.

Teacher Name: ____________________________________

Under Construction

This page is currently under construction. Updates for the current school year are in progress.....Stay Tuned!